Paying for College

You can go back to school without going broke. There are scholarships, grants and financial aid programs that can help you pay for college. We've featured some of the best options for adult students. And don't forget to apply for our very own C.I.P Scholarship for Adult Students.

Articles and Advice

Scholarships for Adult Students
Yes, there are scholarships for adult students. Here's where to find them.

Financial Aid for Adult Students
An overview of how you can receive your share of $143 billion in financial aid awarded each year.

How to Maximize the Financial Aid You Receive
Get the most financial aid that you (legally!) deserve.

Beyond Scholarships and Financial Aid
There's more money to help you pay for college than just scholarships and financial aid.

Saving for College
Your money is your money. How to save for college.

Tax Breaks for Adult Students
Get some of your money back with tax breaks for going back to school.

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